William P. Brennan Award

William P. Brennan was raised in Berkley. His love of baseball began at an early age.
As a boy, spring weather meant neighborhood games and trips to Tiger Stadium with family & friends. Spending money came by means of a paper route which led him to play ball for the Detroit Times.

As a young adult, Mr. Brennan played for American Legion Post 374 in Berkley.
A work-related move transported him, along with his family, to Ohio where he became a loyal fan of the Cincinnati Reds.

While an employee of General Electric, he actively played for their ball team for several years. He was a gifted player with a life-long love of the game.

This scholarship will be awarded to an individual displaying exemplary personal qualities including being a dedicated team player and exhibiting good sportsmanship along with a strong desire to improve his game.

The Berkley Dadsí Club is extremely thankful to Mr. Brennanís family for instituting this award & scholarship, and for making sure it goes to kids in the community where he learned to love the game.

The WILLIAM P. BRENNAN SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD is specific to 13 year old Junior Division players, with the Finalists and Winner being determined by the Junior Division Managers.
It is soley funded by the Brennan Family and will go toward the winnerís choice of baseball camps. Nominating and voting will mirror the Dave Barber Award.

    Any 13-year-old player in the Berkley Dadsí Club Senior Division, and who is a resident of the Berkley School District, or has played a minimum of 5 years in the Club will be eligible to receive the award.  In order to be nominated, he must display the following:
    A. Exemplary sportsmanlike conduct
    B. An excellent on and off the field attitude
    C. Respect toward his managers, coaches, umpires and fellow players

Winners List

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