Dave Barber Award

The Dave Barber Award is named for a Dads' Club player who died in 1975 of Lukemia at the age of 14.
John Barbuscak, who was the President of the Club at the time, proposed the award to call attention to Dave's dominant quality, sportsmanship.
Dave wasn't the best player on his team, or even the second best. He didn't make it to the all star team. He didn't pitch in the final game of the World Series.
The only statistical category he lead his team in was attendance. He was at every practice, he was at every one of his team's games.
But everyone knew him for his enthusiasm and effort. He loved the game and tried to get better at it.
Despite the fact that he wasn't one of the best players, his coaches appreciated having him on their team. He did what he was asked, and was a good teammate.
The gifted athletes get their awards. They go to the all star games. They pitch in the big games and score the game winning runs. They make the big plays that save the game. They strike out the other team's best hitter.
We all know who they are, we all know their names.
Not everyone knew Dave's name.
Now Dave gets a trophy every year.
The Dave Barber Sportsmanship Award goes to the 16 year old player (Berkley School District Residents only) who best exemplifies those qualities of Sportsmanship, respect for his teammates, game officials and the other team. It has nothing to do with athletic ability.
For 2008, the amount of the Scholarship was raised from $500.00 to $1000.00.
It may be applied to any accredited College or Trade School.
The managers of the Senior League Teams nominate and vote for the players they feel are most deserving of this award.

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